OMM - Graduation

This is what I look forward to the most. To be able to wear a cap and gown, I think that is when I will feel like I have achieved the first level of success. That is a feeling I'd love to experience. For all my efforts through 16 years of education to officially conclude with a graduation ceremony. hah~ is this real life? Every second season I walk past all the fresh graduates and absorb their energy. It is very motivational and empowering.

To have a goal is something that I don't have often. However, when I walk through these graduates, seeing their smiling faces, taking pictures with their families, it is something that inspires me to become a graduate myself. To continue being diligent and not give up. I will not graduate until Winter 2017...well, if for some reason that is setback then it will be during the following summer. So until then, I will continue to strive and complete this bachelors degree. 

Just a short one for today. It just passed my mind so I thought I'd write about it. That is what this segment is for anyway. Have a great night :)

Lea GJ