Listen - Afterwhile | Kirk Franklin ft Yolanda Adams

This spiritual melody by Kirk Franklin & Yolanda Adams is enough to allow listeners to find 'peace of mind'. The lyrics are full of help and truth. The song is a big reassurance to those who are feeling a little lost, anxious and/or emotionally drained. If I had 3 words to describe the overall song; Guiding, Reassuring, and Uplifting.

As I write this I am listening to the song once more as I am trying to capture the genuine feelings that conjure up and throw it into some sensible words. I'll break down a few lyrics from the song and express the emotions that it evoked and the motivations that became ignited. 'Afterwhile' is a song full of deep lyrics that are strong enough to encase the negative mindset that one may currently be enduring. Offered is a light of tranquility that can be felt simply through the beautiful tone and lyrics. 

'This too shall pass afterwhile
Scars will heal, you'll love again
It won't hurt afterwhile'

The above section of lyrics really caused me to analyse my current situation and feel assured that in fact 'time will heal all things'. The troubles that are eating at your conscience, the dislike that you have for your reflection, the pains that you cannot let go of, the memories that exist in your mind, will be able to patch itself together with time. The process of healing is not an overnight thing with the lyrics hinting on patience as the key. Recovery and comeback is possible, transporting the strength of the lyrics through the passion of Yolanda Adams' vocals into the reality of the listener. If you allow your focus to truly engulf in the songs offering then I believe you will be able to feel the power of the lyrics message and that it may have the ability to alter the negativity that may currently exist in ones life. 

'So when the pain has come to end
And now your heart is whole again
Help someone who needs to know
That it won't hurt them afterwhile'

When you listen to each and every lyric in this song, I believe that is when you can feel its true meaning and purpose. Overcoming the troubles, acquiring reassurance that it will get better and offering comfort to another being is the greatest outcome that can be realistically achieved. It is not over when your troubles are 'healed', it is when you also give your support to others, that is what really makes you feel righteous. I think that is the message that Kirk Franklin intended to pass on through this song. When you've found strength within your self and 'your heart is whole again', share that with others so that they may know that it will pass, afterwhile. 

I'd love to know of more songs that carry this kind of strength with them, so let me know if you are reminded of any :) Thanks for reading.

Lea GJ