OMM - Living and working overseas

Recently I have been really into the Korean culture and have been watching hundreds of videos revolving around it. I have even learnt how to read and write Korean which I am extremely fascinated about. To be quite honest, I thought it would be more difficult learning up to this stage but so far the progress has been quite swift and simple. I am picking up words and common phrases used from variety, reality and casual shows.

Anyway, back on to the topic of this post, I stumbled across many people who have graduated from university and moved to Korea to teach English . This took my interest immediately! Coincidentally, I was casually browsing through a local job website when I saw an opportunity to teach English in Korea. I took this as a sign of fate.

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I've decided to do a student exchange to a University in Korea. Well, I hope to be accepted into the programme for Semester 2 of 2016. My University is partners with....

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Well it seems that I am unable to finish writing this post due to probably social media distractions haha. So~ I will try to pick up where I left off.

Oh, about that student exchange programme thing...I've decided not to do it. No specific reasons, just a casual decision. I will just finish up my university studies in my home country and will just travel to Korea for a holiday instead. It would be awesome if I could perhaps have a working holiday overseas in Korea or to complete my University Co-op assignment there.

In terms of living overseas, I do not think it will be a situation of mine for the coming short-term however I would absolutely love to live abroad in the future. Countries that I would consider living for an extended period would be South Korea, Europe and China.

Well, this post was not so informative but it is what was/is On My Mind. See ya in the next one.

Lea GJ