Healthy Bugger - Kayla Itsines BBG week 1

January 6th is the day I committed myself to Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide. I had been contemplating purchasing it for about 2 months, the new year gave me the final push I needed to be serious and devoted to attaining my ideal, healthy, fit and happy body. To which I then purchased her Ebook that you can find here. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have tried numerous times already to lose weight and get fit however, I am determined and willing to put everything aside to focus on getting my mindset straight and my body where it needs to be. 

So, week 1 is officially over and I can truthfully say that I am already seeing changes. My abdomen is becoming toned. I feel that a lot of my side/back flab has lessened. Prior to commencing I used to be able to hold a fair chunk of 'side rolls' but now I can only just get hold of a piece of it. That would have to be the most noticeable physical difference. 

I have been eating very well and I might make a separate post on my meal plan if it continues to go well. There hasn't been a real craving for any specific foods although I did have one stick of pocky earlier today (that my sister gave to me) and the chocolate on that stick definitely set off some chocolate withdrawal cravings. 

I have been contributing a lot more to housework which my mum is very happy about. I'm not sure if becoming more active with fitness has caused me to feel the same towards cleaning but I thought I would mention it anyway because I have been getting out of my room more. 

Confidence-wise no difference at the moment. I do have a more positive approach to my mornings which I really appreciate. Truthfully, being summer and all, waking up to a clear blue sky does instantly spell me into a happy spirited mood.

I'll post another update after the completion of week 2 and will prepare some pictures to post also.

Thanks for reading, if you're doing the guide also I hope that everything is going well, don't give in to temptation! Stay strong :)

Lea GJ