Sunday, 11 January 2015

Healthy Bugger - Kayla Itsines BBG week 1

January 6th is the day I committed myself to Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide. I had been contemplating purchasing it for about 2 months, the new year gave me the final push I needed to be serious and devoted to attaining my ideal, healthy, fit and happy body. To which I then purchased her Ebook that you can find here. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have tried numerous times already to lose weight and get fit however, I am determined and willing to put everything aside to focus on getting my mindset straight and my body where it needs to be. 

So, week 1 is officially over and I can truthfully say that I am already seeing changes. My abdomen is becoming toned. I feel that a lot of my side/back flab has lessened. Prior to commencing I used to be able to hold a fair chunk of 'side rolls' but now I can only just get hold of a piece of it. That would have to be the most noticeable physical difference. 

I have been eating very well and I might make a separate post on my meal plan if it continues to go well. There hasn't been a real craving for any specific foods although I did have one stick of pocky earlier today (that my sister gave to me) and the chocolate on that stick definitely set off some chocolate withdrawal cravings. 

I have been contributing a lot more to housework which my mum is very happy about. I'm not sure if becoming more active with fitness has caused me to feel the same towards cleaning but I thought I would mention it anyway because I have been getting out of my room more. 

Confidence-wise no difference at the moment. I do have a more positive approach to my mornings which I really appreciate. Truthfully, being summer and all, waking up to a clear blue sky does instantly spell me into a happy spirited mood.

I'll post another update after the completion of week 2 and will prepare some pictures to post also.

Thanks for reading, if you're doing the guide also I hope that everything is going well, don't give in to temptation! Stay strong :)

Lea GJ

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Read - Hirunaka no ryuusei

Hirunaka no ryuusei (Daytime shooting star) , the first manga that I have ever read and completed. I am so happy that I read this manga because it is literally the greatest read! Definitely will recommend this for those who love shoujo manga . Honestly , fav fav fav ! Trust me on this.

Following an almost typical love triangle story, guy likes girl, girl likes other guy. The content and conflict in this manga creates a strong interest for readers (well, for me anyway). The first male character, Mamura, is shy yet certain. The second, Satsuki, is outgoing yet doubtful. As you can already tell, they are essentially polar opposites aside from a single key factor. . .their love interest.

The artist, in my opinion totally hit this manga with perfection. There is absolutely zero negative comments I could even think to make about the art in this manga. Everything is amazing and the emotions of the characters are clear to read and relate to.

Here is a link to the website where I read Hirunaka no ryuusei

My overall rating for this manga sits comfortably at a solid 9/10

I hope you all enjoy reading this manga as much as I did.

Lea GJ