Watch - Love Stage (anime)

So, I've just finished watching 'Love Stage' and I will say, I definitely was not expecting what happened to take place. Some things were VERY unexpected however, it was a rather cute anime.

This anime includes an interesting story-line, love interest, subtle humor, cute characters, emotional realism, passion and a conclusive outcome to all things. For 10 episodes, Eiki Eiki (author) and the animators managed to fit in a lot of emotion and story into the characters which is to be appreciated.

The colour of Izumi's eyes are really captivating, it is no wonder why all characters seem so intrigued and dazed by his eyes. I found myself wanting the same good luck marble because the colours were so beautiful and the concept was adorable.

To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect from this anime, judging from the cover art I assumed it was something to do with people in the film industry.As far as the BL goes, that was something I never would have guessed for sure! I am in no way against people of a similar kind, it was just very unexpected, but I guess that's what made it more interesting, like " oooo, is he? is this really going to happen?". Prior to viewing I did not realize it was a Yaoi. Nevertheless, with a short 10 episodes, it is worth the watch. A bit different for the usual viewer but nothing that leaves a scar. I suppose you're just going to have to watch it to find out the whole story :)

My overall rating for this anime sits at a 6.8/10. 

Have a wonderful night and I will post another 'Watch' in a few days :) 

Lea GJ