Project : Ezio Auditore part 1

Armageddon is coming up and this year I have decided to commit to attending in costume. I have completed the Assassins Creed series up to AC3. Don't judge my slow progress lol I have other priorities to tend too as well. However, I do own the entire series which is my 'totally valid reason' to temporarily fill the void for the time being.

I grew attached to Ezio Auditore, mostly because the series portrayed his entire life story from birth, so naturally, one would acquire a connection to the character. (Unless I am the only one. . .  :p ). This year I will cosplay as Ezio Auditore and will share my progress in making the costume with you guys :) All zero of you hehehe . If any one is interested, i'll keep you posted.  

This post will show the beginning stages and materials I am using to make the Leather Vambrace.

White and orange pastels, markers, craft knife, nail file/soft sandpaper, rough sandpaper, faux leather/vinyl (I used place mats I found at Kmart, they're called 'Leather look place mat' ) 

I wanted a more sturdy vambrace so I changed the base to EVA foam. This foam can be found at hardware stores in the carpet section. Google 'eva foam' and you'll know the mats that I mean. All I did to make the switch was drew the place mat base on the EVA foam and cut it out. Also, since the foam is quite stiff I used a heat gun to create a bend in the material. I used the rough sandpaper to create texture on the place mat. 

The mats usually come in grey/black so to create the brown leather colour I smudged an orange pastel over the foam. Orange paint would be more ideal but I did not have any at the time. 

This is the current progress picture. I am pretty proud of how it is looking so far. Will keep you updated and I am willing to answer any questions :)

The guide I used to get the pattern of the vambrace is from a PDF you can find here.

Lea GJ