OMM - Jibber Jabber


It is pouring with rain outside, I can hear it bashing down. I have not yet removed my mascara and really need to get out of the habit of leaving it on so late! Pretty sure i'll have no eyelashes by the end of this year. Okay, i'll be a sec, ill take it off right now.


So yeah, there isn't much planned for this blog post but I just felt like posting. I really would like to start posting a lot more, with PICTURES! The weather's just been too terrible to do anything. Okay, that was an excuse. I shall try. Just let my cat outside because she was meowing. lol Sorry, this post is pretty pointless but I just feel this need to publish something. Well, perhaps I shall head on over to dreamland (watch me not (wait no, don't watch me not, that would be wierd)) . By the looks of it this post should have ended waaaay before it even started. That's all from me tonight, will get on this thing more often :D See ya then.

Lea GJ