Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Watch - Love Stage (anime)

So, I've just finished watching 'Love Stage' and I will say, I definitely was not expecting what happened to take place. Some things were VERY unexpected however, it was a rather cute anime.

This anime includes an interesting story-line, love interest, subtle humor, cute characters, emotional realism, passion and a conclusive outcome to all things. For 10 episodes, Eiki Eiki (author) and the animators managed to fit in a lot of emotion and story into the characters which is to be appreciated.

The colour of Izumi's eyes are really captivating, it is no wonder why all characters seem so intrigued and dazed by his eyes. I found myself wanting the same good luck marble because the colours were so beautiful and the concept was adorable.

To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect from this anime, judging from the cover art I assumed it was something to do with people in the film industry.As far as the BL goes, that was something I never would have guessed for sure! I am in no way against people of a similar kind, it was just very unexpected, but I guess that's what made it more interesting, like " oooo, is he? is this really going to happen?". Prior to viewing I did not realize it was a Yaoi. Nevertheless, with a short 10 episodes, it is worth the watch. A bit different for the usual viewer but nothing that leaves a scar. I suppose you're just going to have to watch it to find out the whole story :)

My overall rating for this anime sits at a 6.8/10. 

Have a wonderful night and I will post another 'Watch' in a few days :) 

Lea GJ

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OMM - Weightloss & motivation

It has been a mission of mine for a little over 4 years to lose weight and reach a personal goal. I know that I should appreciate my body and current level of health and I do, sometimes. It's just that most of the time my mind is still seeking this ideal body that I know that I want and that I feel like I 'need' in order to be sane with myself. There is then the question of, 'How will I know I will feel this sense of happiness at the end of it all?' . Well, I've never felt so confident in something and it is so constant in my mind that I strongly believe that this is what is holding me back. 

The longest length of time that I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle would be just under 2 weeks. I did feel accomplished but obviously I would love to stay focused and motivated. People say if you want something so much, let nothing should stand in your way. Food is my weakness, sweets, takeouts etc, my mind is conscious of my actions which is where the post regret settles in. My motivation usually lasts for a night or if I'm lucky, a few days. I have tried alot of things to assist in sustaining these mini bursts of motivation but I always give in to junk food. I guess that is generally a big struggle in the overall weight loss sector of the world anyway. 

I am aware for some that this may seem quite wrong and obsessive but this is on my mind so often that obviously I have had A LOT to think about, covering and questioning countless things in my head.  I feel that attaining this body will leave me feeling whole and complete. This isn't for anybody else, this is for me. It does not matter to me how people will perceive me after this journey in comparison to my current status. This is for myself, this is for my mind, this is for me. 

If one day I am able to reach this goal, I know for certain that my life in terms of mindset and personal goals will be totally accomplished. This is kind of a personal topic for me so i'll end it here for now, it was just OMM (on my mind) so thought I would let out a little bit. 

Lea GJ

Monday, 29 September 2014

Project : Ezio Auditore part 1

Armageddon is coming up and this year I have decided to commit to attending in costume. I have completed the Assassins Creed series up to AC3. Don't judge my slow progress lol I have other priorities to tend too as well. However, I do own the entire series which is my 'totally valid reason' to temporarily fill the void for the time being.

I grew attached to Ezio Auditore, mostly because the series portrayed his entire life story from birth, so naturally, one would acquire a connection to the character. (Unless I am the only one. . .  :p ). This year I will cosplay as Ezio Auditore and will share my progress in making the costume with you guys :) All zero of you hehehe . If any one is interested, i'll keep you posted.  

This post will show the beginning stages and materials I am using to make the Leather Vambrace.

White and orange pastels, markers, craft knife, nail file/soft sandpaper, rough sandpaper, faux leather/vinyl (I used place mats I found at Kmart, they're called 'Leather look place mat' ) 

I wanted a more sturdy vambrace so I changed the base to EVA foam. This foam can be found at hardware stores in the carpet section. Google 'eva foam' and you'll know the mats that I mean. All I did to make the switch was drew the place mat base on the EVA foam and cut it out. Also, since the foam is quite stiff I used a heat gun to create a bend in the material. I used the rough sandpaper to create texture on the place mat. 

The mats usually come in grey/black so to create the brown leather colour I smudged an orange pastel over the foam. Orange paint would be more ideal but I did not have any at the time. 

This is the current progress picture. I am pretty proud of how it is looking so far. Will keep you updated and I am willing to answer any questions :)

The guide I used to get the pattern of the vambrace is from a PDF you can find here.

Lea GJ

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

OMM - Jibber Jabber


It is pouring with rain outside, I can hear it bashing down. I have not yet removed my mascara and really need to get out of the habit of leaving it on so late! Pretty sure i'll have no eyelashes by the end of this year. Okay, i'll be a sec, ill take it off right now.


So yeah, there isn't much planned for this blog post but I just felt like posting. I really would like to start posting a lot more, with PICTURES! The weather's just been too terrible to do anything. Okay, that was an excuse. I shall try. Just let my cat outside because she was meowing. lol Sorry, this post is pretty pointless but I just feel this need to publish something. Well, perhaps I shall head on over to dreamland (watch me not (wait no, don't watch me not, that would be wierd)) . By the looks of it this post should have ended waaaay before it even started. That's all from me tonight, will get on this thing more often :D See ya then.

Lea GJ

Sunday, 22 June 2014

OMM (on my mind) - Sales ! ! !

Boxing day has just passed and of course I had to take advantage of the sales not only in-store, but online also! It made me dive deeper and deeper into thought, here's what I have to say:

My "budgeting/sale hunting" is very renown within my household, I always get over excited and go "Guess how much I got this for?!" (holds up new item of whatever*) and the response is almost always $5 or $2 no matter what the heck i'm holding up hahaha. I am the classic 'cheap skate' .My mum has told me to start buying decent stuff for myself, to which I have. . . But I think I am going totally overboard with that sentence. I see too much 'decent' stuff now and have mini wars in my head battling if I should or shouldn't. My mind also likes to pull the line, "but you deserve it." which usually pushes me over. Only recently have I become more mellow with my spending.

Anywho , to the topic of sales!
I love them! hahaha I must admit, it feels good to buy something full priced once in a while. Just makes me feel somewhat more of a human. I dont know why, so dont ask LOL. In short, I LOVE sales, who doesn't? If you can purchase clothing/items which have just as much use as they did full priced then why miss the offer. I am not a shopoholic, I am a dreamer, which I class as a person who opens tabs and tabs of clothing boutiques filling up the cart with EVERYTHING beautiful , only to exit the website purchasing nothing. Hopefully i'm not the only one who does that haha. It's like I spend such a long time filling up my cart that my brain has had time to click over and say "NO, you don't need these!" Which for my pocket is a good thing .

Whenever I shop online I always check the sale page first and STILL set the order from lowest to highest in prices. I'm not really a 'branded' person, when I shop I try to get more for my money. Now there is the whole thing of 'quality over quantity' thing but my mind just wants more. However, I don't consider myself to be greedy. If I could get 3 pairs of cheap, nice looking shoes I would definitely choose them over one $60 pair of shoes. Now to some $60 is nothing, but to me it is a hella lot of money. So perhaps that is why I prefer to get more out of my money? Hmm this whole post writing thing really making me understand myself a bit more LOL oh well, yea, I think that's all I have to share with you humans today :) Shop your little hearts out whether its sale sections or full priced goodies. Go for gold!

Thanks for reading if you did or thanks for viewing this page .

Lea GJ